COVID-19 OPERATIONAL PLAN  – SUMMARY                                                 OCTOBER, 2020

The following forms Mountain View United Church’s efforts to manage and abide by current Public Health guidelines in this COVID-19 pandemic. MVUC Covid Committee will recommend to the Board and staff when a return to live Services can be made. Status of Recovery Phases can change very suddenly, MVUC will follow whatever direction mandated by our Public Health authorities.

Our building has staff so cleaning and sanitizing protocols are in place each day. When we return to live Services Regional Council has guidelines surrounding children/youth into our midst. Because so much is unknown about this Covid-19 virus, that communities of faith DO NOT resume Sunday School concurrent with Sunday Worship until possibly late October-November. Some suggestions are to meet at other times, perhaps in family groups, possibly outside. If possible, offer on line programs or provide at home materials for faith formation. No food or drink allowed and a water bottle can be filled and brought from home, if required. At this time, no programming for children under school age shall occur. They will remain with their parents in the worship space. Children/youth who are 2 years of age and older, will wear masks and abide by distancing protocols.


We ask for your patience, please come early enough to allow us to fulfill the necessary protocols. Use the bathroom at home before you leave for Church and bring your mask! The building will have been cleaned and Sanctuary sanitized before the Service. There is no Choir and no Congregational singing, no Hymnals or responsive readings. The Offering plate is in the Narthex by the Sanctuary door. Music will be played with words on the screen optional. Bring your coats with you to your seat.

Immediately upon entering the front door, use the sanitizer bottle. If you are going to the elevator, turn left; otherwise proceed up the stairs. Follow arrows, turn left down the hallway toward the gym. Keep your distance and follow the person in front of you. Be careful of the elevator door. Upon entering the gym a person will be there to guide you.  Move to the Sanctuary or if waiting for others who will sit with you, proceed to the “waiting area”.   Once you are in a group in the waiting area a helper will give direction- to join the line going into the Narthex. Outside of the Sanctuary door, WAIT- an usher will assist you for assigned seating. The Sanctuary will be filled from the front pews first, then seating in every second row of pews moving to the back.

Once the Service is over, wait for the Minister to move into the Narthex. There can be no hand shaking or hugging. People begin to exit starting with the last back pew. Each pew will take their turn until the last front pews are empty. At this time, no coffee & conversation is being held, so leave the building immediately by the front door. Thank you for your co-operation and patience.

Those volunteers designated for the day will stay behind to help clean up and sanitize.



This Covid-19 Operational Plan was created with utmost care to current regulations. Public Health/Regional Guidelines will prevail over this printed document in case clarification is required.