I’ve been sitting out on our deck watching the birds flit through the trees calling out their joyful greetings to one another (at least joyful for me), and it made me think of other days I’ve sat on the deck contemplating the world beyond our apartment. Some days the wind is so strong that the trees are bending, rocking to and fro.  Other days the rain is falling, sometimes light and sometimes heavy.  Whatever the weather, because of our location in the building and the fact that one end of our deck has a wall separating us from our neighbor, it is always calm on the deck.  We never get more than the lightest of breezes and the rain only falls on the outer edge of the deck.  We are completely sheltered.

As I sat there sheltered on the deck, the words of a gospel hymn came to me, Sheltered in the Arms of God, written by Dottie Rambo.  If you’ve never heard it, check it out on YouTube.  The words remind us that no matter what happens to us or around us, God has our backs covered!  He walks beside us and shelters us from the storm.

How wonderful it is to have the assurance God is with us through the storms of life!  He may not make whatever unpleasant thing that is happening to us disappear, but He walks beside us, bringing us courage and comfort, until once again, the sun is shining in our life.  Thanks be to God.