Dear Friends of Mountain View United Church

My name is Ken Draper, a member of Mountain View United Church, and I am writing you today to seek

your help and support with the refurbishment of the church organ.  It is hard to believe that it was at the Anniversary Service on November 30, 1980 that the organ was first used at Mountain View.  Four decades later we have come to know that parts of this 102 year old organ are in need of repair, such as the leather valves and springs.  As you reflect back on your memories of the music at Mountain View, I can only

imagine the spiritual value you have received from hearing the organ being played over these past forty


As in past endeavours such as the renovations to the front entrance and the kitchen, we are seeking your financial support to facilitate the completion of the repairs.  The budgeted amount for this work is $20,000 and is slated to be completed over the next several months.  The work involves but is not limited to

removing and reinstallation of all the pipes and replacing the 830 valves, springs and gaskets.

I asked Mark Lloyd our music director to share his sentiments and Mark wrote “Without a doubt, the pipe organ at Mountain View is the most important part of the ministry of music.  Although, for the most part,

the music played during worship is contemporary, there certainly is a role for the pipe organ to co-exist

with the other instruments that are used during worship services.  The pipe organ is referred to as the

“King of all instruments”, but at Mountain View it is very willing to play along with the many other

instruments that are part of the worship experience here.

Like any instrument, the pipe organ requires maintenance and once and a while some major replacement work must be done.  At the present time, some refurbishments are needed for the organ so that it can continue to function as the lead instrument for worship services.  Mountain View has a long history of

placing great value on the pipe organ and I hope this will continue and you will show your support by

giving to the repair fund.”

We look forward to your support of this important project in the ongoing ministry of Mountain View United Church.  We have included an envelope for your convenience.  If you have any questions, please contact the church office at 857-4817 or Ken Draper at 859-8507.

God Bless and Thank you

Ken Draper

Board Member