There are many opportunities to serve within the church community. Following are listed the committees and their responsibilities. If you are interested in helping with any aspect of these committees, please call the church office and leave your name, phone number, and the area in which you would like to serve.



This committee seeks to connect with members of the congregation, newcomers, shut-ins, and university students in a variety of ways.

Finance and Stewardship


In addition to looking after the regular Sunday offerings and expenses and promoting stewardship awareness, this committee undertakes a number of fundraising initiatives to help the congregation fulfill their mission of serving the church and the community.

Social Justice/Outreach


This committee undertakes various activities such as providing a community dinner held once a month for the less fortunate in the Moncton area, participating in the breakfast program at Queen Elizabeth School, providing “Because We Care” bags to the Moncton Hospital, and assisting Reconnect and other agencies outside the Pastoral Charge.  As well, they look after the Adult Fellowship Games and Luncheon twice monthly.



This committee oversees the liturgical role and format of the worship services, receives and settles requests for marriages and baptisms, looks after coordinating communion, greeter’s schedules, and offering bearers, as well as maintaining the church membership records and decorating the sanctuary.

Christian Education


This committee studies and evaluates educational needs at all levels and all ages, in order to plan, implement, oversee and provide resources for educational programs within the congregation.  These include such programs as Joyland, the Nursery, Vacation Bible School, Study Groups, Confirmation, Marriage Preparation, Communion, Worship and Stewardship.



Members of this committee handle all public relations communications through media, the website, advertising, newsletters and handouts, finding ways to promote our church, our ministry, and our vision.

Ministry and Personnel (M&P)


This committee serves as a liaison between personnel and the executive team, providing a consultative and supportive agency for both the pastoral relationship and the overall ministry of the Pastoral Charge, overseeing all working conditions and benefits for clergy, maintaining a list of persons available for pulpit supply and replacement leaves, conducting an annual performance review, maintaining a current job description, and managing sick leave, vacation, and overtime of employees.



Members of this board oversee investments on behalf of Mountain View , act as signing authority in all matters of a legal nature and oversee the physical property of the pastoral charge.



Members of this committee look after the maintenance of existing church property, as well as look after any new building or renovation projects.



The Nominating Committee is responsible for recruitment of new members for the various church committees.

Executive Team


This team consists of the minister, the chair of each committee, a secretary, the church treasurer and five additional people from the congregation. They are responsible for overseeing the day to day operation of the church as well as keeping our vision before us so that as a congregation we can serve in meaningful ways.